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SAP S/4 HANA MM Training 2022 Course Contents

Introduction to S/4HANA MM Training
• Who can learn SAP S/4HANA MM?
• Target Audience
• Why should I learn S4HANA?
• About this training
• How to follow this course?
• How to prepare for Certification exam?
• Fiori launchpad vs S/4HANA GUI screen
• GUI Screen – Traditional vs New Screen
• GUI Screen Setting
• Identify your HANA system
• Fiori Launch pad and Designer T/codes
• Purchase Order Cycle Demo

S/4HANA Overview
• What is SAP S/4HANA?
• Extension to S/4HANA Enterprise Mgt Procurement
• Difference between HANA and S/4HANA
• ECC vs S/4HANA Model

HANA Architecture and Deployment
• HANA Architecture
• Deployment Options
• On-premise
• Public cloud
• Private cloud
• Hybrid
• IaaS
• PaaS
• SaaS

S/4HANA History, Releases and Naming Convention
• S/4HANA History
• HANA Product history
• Releases
• Naming convention

Introduction to Fiori
• What is Fiori?
• Problems with ECC GUI
• Fiori Design Principles
• Types of Fiori Applications

Fiori – User Personalization
• Login and password reset
• Home screen, Tile and Business groups
• User personalization
• Zoom in, zoom out
• Object Page
• My Inbox
• Export data to excel file
• View settings
• Save as tile option
• Email data in a tile

Fiori – Search Options
• Search via Object page
• Search via Home page
• Global search
• Advance apps

Fiori Apps Library
• What is Fiori Apps Library?
• How to find the use and features of an app?
• How to search for a business role or app?
• How to assign business roles

Customizing Catalogues, Fiori groups and Business Roles
• Fiori Role concept.
• Customize and assign catalogues
• Customize and assign Fiori groups
• Configure a new PFCG business roles

Fiori Apps Troubleshooting
• Correct Business Role
• Activate UI application
• Activate OData services
• Browser history
• GUI transaction testing

S/4HANA Embedded Analytics
• What is S/4HANA Embedded Analytics?
• Query Browser

Define and assign MM Org Structure
• Org structure in MM
• Company
• Company Code
• Plant
• Storage location
• Purchasing Organization
• Purchasing groups

Maintaining Material Master
• Material master Apps
• Maintaining material master in S/4HANA

Material Master field length extension
• ECC vs S/4HANA material length
• Constraints of extending material master field length
• Customize settings for extension
• Consideration before changing settings for extension
• Lexicographical indicator
• Leading zeros indicator

MRP Fields Simplification
• MRP fields simplification in S/4HANA
• New Material Type SERV

Master Data for Materials Management
• Cutomize a new material type
• Customize material number assignment
• Determine the field selection control and name its influencing factors

Introduction to Business Partners
• ECC customer master model
• ECC vendor master model
• S/4HANA business partner model
• S/4HANA business partner approach
• BP advantages
• BP simplification

Maintaining Business Partner
• How to create a Business Partner in GUI and Fiori Launchpad
• Standard roles for maintaining customer and vendor
• Customer and vendor specific views in BP
• How to search for a BP
• BP settings
• Blocking a BP

Business Partner Relationships
• BP relationship overview
• Relationship customizing
• One-way and two-way relationships

Business Partner Tables
• Customer Master Tables
• Vendor Master Tables
• BP Tables

Customizing BP roles
• BP roles
• BP role categories
• BP views (BUSD)

Customer Vendor Integration
• BP number range and Grouping
• Customer number range assignment
• Vendor number range assignment
• Master data synchronization
• CVI customizing check report

Purchasing Info Record
• PIR overview.
• Maintaining info record in S/4HANA
• Automatic sourcing indicator
• PIR simplification in S/4HANA
• Test cases

Purchasing Info Record customizing
• Number range
• Screen layout customizing
• Text configuration for PIR
• Maintain inspection certificate categories
• Define price history

Purchasing Requisition
• Purchase requisition document flow
• Maintaining purchase req in S/4HANA

Request for Quotation
• Request for quotation overview
• Creating RFQ without any reference
• Converting RFQ to a Quotation
• Creating RFQ with reference to “Purchase Requisition”
• Comparing supplier quotation

Purchase Orders
• Purchase order overview
• Maintaining purchase orders in S4HANA
• Structure of a Purchase order
• Convert purchase requisition to a Purchase order
• Deleting a PO item
• Account assignment in a PO
• Automatic PO creation from purchase requisition
• Scheduling automatic PO

Scheduling Agreement
• Scheduling agreement overview
• Manual Scheduling agreement
• Manual schedule lines
• Automatic schedule lines
• Creating scheduling agreement with reference to p/req, p/quote and contracts

Purchasing Contracts
• Introduction to Purchasing Contracts
• Quantity contract
• Value contract
• Contract release order

Mass Changing Purchasing Docs
• Apps available for mass change
• Mass PO change

Document Release Procedure
• Step by step customizing for purchasing document release
• Fiori app for document release

Purchasing Document Type Customizing
• Define number range
• Define document types
• Enable dateline in purchasing documents
• Set tolerance limits for Price variance
• Define screen layout
• Fast entry of charcteristics value
• Text type customizing at header and item level
• Set up Subcontract Order
• Define reasons for Ordering
• Define reasons for Cancellation
• Authorization check for G/L accounts

Stock Transport Orders
• Introduction to Stock transport order
• STOs without Delivery
• Customizing procurement key
• STOs with SD Delivery
• Document flow
• STOs customizing settings

• Introduction to Subcontracting
• Subcontracting document flow
• Prerequisite for Subcontracting
• Production version migration for BOM

Vendor Consignment
• Introduction to Vendor consignment
• Process flow
• Document flow
• Customizing settings
• Prerequisites for consignment

Pipeline Process
• Introduction to Pipeline process
• Process flow

Introduction to External Service Management
• Introduction
• SAP External Service Mgt Vs SAP Service Mgt
• Process flow

Service Master Record and Conditions
• What is service master record
• Service conditions
• Levels of service conditions

Service Order
• Service order overview
• Service order structure
• Maintaining service order

Service Entry Sheet and Invoice Verification
• Service Entry Sheet
• Service Acceptance
• Invoice verification

Blanket Purchase Orders
• Blanket Purchase order overview
• Blanket PO cycle
• Maintaining a blanket purchase order

Introduction to MRP in S4HANA
• MRP history
• MRP working principle
• Classic MRP
• MRP Live
• Business benefits of MRP on HANA

MRP Technical Changes
• Database working principle in ECC and S/4HANA

Classic MRP
• What is Classic MRP?
• Issues with Classic MRP

MRP Live
• What is MRP MRP?
• Simplified MRP

Running MRP in SAP Fiori
• Fiori MRP run app
• How to schedule a MRP job via app

Classic MRP vs MRP Live
• Difference between Classic MRP vs MRP Live
• Forcing a material to be planned on classic MRP

Getting started with Fiori MRP Apps
• Business roles for MRP
• MRP cockpit
• Apps. available for MRP
• MRP settings
• Excluding a material from MRP Fiori app

Monitor Material Coverage
• Monitor coverage App.
• Material overview page
• Working with variants
• Solving a material storage

Monitor Internal Requirements
• App. Display
• App. Key features

Monitor External Requirements
• App. Display
• App. Key features

Monitor Production and Process Orders
• App. Display
• App. Key features

Manage Change Request
• App. Display
• Requesting for a change
• App. Key features
• Deleting closed change requests

Display MRP Material Issues
• App. Display
• App. Key features

Analyzing MRP Live Performance Log
• Analyze log in SAP GUI
• Analyze log in Fiori app.
• Optimal performance with MRP Live

MRP Live SAP Notes and Study Materials
• Important SAP notes related to MRP Live
• MRP Live Technical settings
• MRP Live Study materials

MRP Areas
• Types of MRP areas
• Customizing MRP areas
• MRP area planning in ECC
• MRP area planning in S/4HANA
• Mass processing of MRP area in S4HANA

Storage Location Planning Simplification
• Storage Location planning in ECC
• Storage Location planning in S/4HANA
• Reasons for Simplifications

Simplified Sourcing
• Simplified sourcing for External Procurement
• Simplified sourcing for Internal Procurement
• MRP source determination logic in S/4HANA

Introduction to Demand Driven MRP
• What is DDMRP?
• Methodology in DDMRP
• DDMRP History
• Products relevant to DDMRP
• Components of DDMRP
• DDMRP apps in S/4HANA
• Decoupled lead time

Buffer Profile Maintenance
• Buffer Zones
• Buffer Profile Maintenance
• Order Spike Horizon

Configurational Apps
• Schedule Product Classification.
• Mass maintenance of Products.
• Schedule Lead time classification of Products.
• Schedule buffer Proposal Calculation.

Operational Apps
• Planner Overview
• Manage Buffer levels
• Replenishment Planning
• Replenishment Execution
• Buffer Positioning

Introduction to Inventory Management
• What is Inventory Management
• Movement Types overview
• S/4HANA Inventory Management changes
• S/4HANA transaction code changes
• S/4HANA configuration changes
• S/4HANA Database table changes
• SAP Fiori Applications
• SAP Catch Weight Management overview
• Material Master data simplification

Customizing Inventory Management
• Organizational Units
• Late Locking
• Plant Parameters

Number Assignment
• Number assignment settings for Accounting documents
• Number assignment settings for Reservations
• Number assignment settings for Material and Physical Inventory documents

Movement Types
• Control functions of the movement type
• Customizing a new movement type and its naming convention.

Goods Receipt for Purchase Order
• Goods receipt process for purchase order
• Dynamic Search Capabilities
• Application Settings

Good Receipt
• Goods Receipt for Production Order
• Goods Receipt for Inbound Delivery
• Goods Receipt without Reference
• Goods Issue to Production Order
• Goods Issue to Outbound Delivery
• Goods Issue without Reference
• Goods Issue Postings
• Goods Issue Reversal
• Automatic Purchase order creation during GR

Stock – Single Material
• Overview of Stock – Single material app
• Table T200A entries for Stock Types
• Result list and filtering options
• Application Settings

Stock – Multiple Materials
• Overview of Stock –Multiple material app
• Result list and filtering options
• Stock Value listed by Currency

Stock Overview Display (MMBE)

Stock Transfer – In Plant
• Key features of app Stock Transfer – In Plant
• Header and Result list
• Adding storage location automatically
• Input for transfer posting

Stock Transfer – Cross Plant
• Key features of app Stock Transfer – Cross Plant
• Header and Result list
• Input for transfer posting

Post Goods Movement

Overdue Materials -Stock in Transit

Inventory Overview Pages
• Overview Inventory Processing
• Overview Inventory Management

Goods Movement Reporting
• Material Document Overview
• Display Material Document List

Financial Inventory Values Reporting
• Material Inventory Values – Balance Summary
• Material Inventory Values – Rounding Differences
• Material Inventory Values – Line Items

Inventory Management Analytics
• Good Movement Analysis
• Inventory Turnover Analysis
• Slow or non-moving stock
• Dead Stock Analysis
• Inventory KPI Analysis

Introduction to Physical Inventory
• What is Physical Inventory?
• Types of Physical Inventory
• Physical Inventory Process
• ECC vs S4 HANA inventory

Physical Inventory Execution
• Create Physical Inventory Document
• Change Physical Inventory Document
• Print PI documents
• Enter Inventory Count
• Request PI recount
• Print PI recount
• Process PI count results

Physical Inventory Monitoring and Reporting
• Physical Inventory Document Overview
• Physical Inventory Analysis
• Display Physical Inventory Progress
• Display PI Document Items for Materials

Overview of Invoice Processing in S4 HANA
• What is Invoice Processing?
• Functionalities provided by S/4HANA for Invoice processing.
• Functional changes in SAP S/4HANA compared to SAP ECC
• Entry of Invoicing Document.

Types of Invoice Verification
• Purchase order based Invoice verification
• Goods receipt based Invoice Verification
• Master data settings

Invoice Parking and Holding
• Invoice Parking
• Invoice Holding
• Difference between invoice parking and holding

Credit Memo, Subsequent Credit and Debit
Invoice Reduction

Evaluated Receipt Settlement (ERS)
• Overview of Evaluated Receipt Settlement (ERS)
• Advantages of ERS
• Business Processes in ERS

Invoice Blocking and Tolerance Limits
• Overview of Invoice Blocking process
• Manual block
• Stochastic or random block
• Blocking via Payment Terms
• Automatic Block
• Tolerance Limits
• Releasing Blocked Invoices

Taxes in Invoice Verification
Duplicate Invoice Check

MM-FI Integration
• Account Determination
• Factors influencing Automatic account determination
• Value String
• Transaction/Event key
• Account grouping code
• Valuation class
• Valuation grouping

MM-PP Integration

Certification Questions and Answers

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